When we bring our crew into a home to work, we like to know something about the previous owners to share with them. We try to treat the treasures with the respect and care that the owner would have wanted and to clear the home of all items.

That is our goal for a successful sale.

When we go into a house for a sale we want the home to look like a house that someone has just moved out of. 

We want the items to show the best that we can make it.

When we do that, this is what it looks like outside the house before the sale begins.

This is what we want the items to look at the beginning of a sale. The home shows well and the treasures inside the house are shown with the respect that the original homeowner would have wanted.

To get to this set up for a home, we must first go through the whole home looking in all the drawers, cabinets, purses, and any hiding places that we have found over the years.

Former Sales


We have found everything from a 10 ounce gold bar, grandma‚Äôs wedding ring, cash (lots of cash), and family photos and birthday cards that the children never knew the parents had kept.

These are things that we return to the family.